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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2013 6:00am-6:30am PST

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for us to do community building among our pac team, to discuss leadership capacity and have meaningful participation as we continue to move forward with our work. for many of the pac members, especially the newer ones like myself, it was very valuable for us to revisit the history of the pac and look at how our work has evolved and been shaped through the year, based on what we learned from the families across the district and to hear the parents questions and ideas about the various districts initiatives and policies. the retreat we realized that we need to create opportunities to bring the information from the district leaders out to family and community leaders and we need to facilitate the process to bring the parent voices into that conversation so that we can build better partnerships among community members and
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district staff and strengthen the initiative design to support achievement. >> one of the clear out comes was the need to generate greater visibility for the pac. many parents are unaware of what the parent advisory council is and let alone the work that we do to bring the voice and perspective to inform the policy discussion and decisions,. to this end, we will have as a pac, an informational table set up at the school planning summit on march second. and in doing so, we hope to increase pac visibility, high lie the work that we are doing and to help recruit new pac members for the following school year. at the end of this school year, we will have three vacant seats and three seats reserved for alternates for the term that will begin this summer. and as we begin that out reach and recruitment effort, we are
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actively seeking early childhood education, parent or guardian representation, and additional representation of our non-english speaking parents on the pac. we have a diverse group already but the more diverse that we can assemble the better it will be. applications will be available in english, spanish and chinese, on our website, starting this friday, february 15th, 2013 at our website www.pac and they will be due friday may third. 2013. we hope that all of you will encourage any parents who you feel would be good candidates to apply and contact us to apply and join for the pac. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right, we are now on
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item f, public comment on consent items. i have three speaker cards. willie ratcliff, robert woods and oscar james. you have two minutes each. please approach the mic. >> my name is willie radcliff and i am the general manager who works with developers. and my comment is that that is a no beard contract that is trying to go through here. it has to be bided under the design built and it
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specifically states that there must be a bid, an original bid. this is not an rfp put out just checked all of the records. and this is completely fraudulent to move in that direction is to say that you can just do a request for qualifications and just skip the bid. some of those outfits could have bided lower. although, you are breaking the law in trying to do this and the community is really upset not just in this point but the same thing happened out here in western addition that we are not benefiting from any of our tax dollars or bond money from the school district and so we are asking you to put this off and go back to where you were in negotiating with us to do the job and we can do the job.
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and some of the things in there talking about elevations and all of this, look, i have been building buildings for 43 years, we have people that can build buildings, as a matter of fact slaves built the white house, so we don't need that kind of talk coming to us about our qualifications. and what we want you to do is what you came up with and coming up with the way that it will be lawful for our group to build a middle school. thank you. >> good evening, my name is robert woods. i came here this evening to... i like to ask the question as
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to the way that you issue no-bid contracts. i won't say that it is illegal, and i'm not going to say that it is legal. but, when you issue a non-bid contract of this nature and you won't give a community square job and you issue a 44 million dollar contract to a contractor with no bid and you will not give the community one job? where is your sensitivity? >> that is all that we ask is for, we are asking for it, we are asking for a chance. and you give 44 million away and you don't even give the community nothing.
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>> good evening, my name is oscar james and i am a native resident of bay view hunter's point and i once served on the commission that brought the schools into bay view hunter's point. this school, the willie brown school, we definitely want this school to be built. but we want it to be built with minority participation, we want the contractors from the 9124 area to have a part in that. we want to go out and make sure that minorities have an impact on building this. we want to make sure that i know the city came up with a new minimum standing to have 25 percent of our community in 1975 had a memo of agreement that was ratified and signed by the board of supervisors and the mayor and the unions to have 50 percent community, and 100 percent city-wide and those are the same mandates that we are going out for bay hunter point. i don't care what the city
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comes up with, we are demanding 50 percent community and 100 percent city-wide contractors and we want to make sure that this city, contractors, have a part of that contract or this school day by day will be stopped. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, public comment on consent items is now closed. item g, consent calendar. i would like to hear a motion, please? >> move for the consent calendar. >> thank you. >> are there any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> none. >> any items removed for first reading by the board? >> any items severed by the board or superintendent for discussion and vote tonight? >> commissioner wynns? >> i would like to remove f10. i think that is the right.
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>> f10. >> will you tell me which? >> on page 59. >> i see it. i see it. okay. >> just because the agenda item does not specify it just says f10. >> got you, okay, if 10. roll call vote will take place under section 0. item eight, superintendent proposals, there are none today. >> item i, board members proposals there are none today. >> item j, request to speak recording general matters. i have a few speaker cards. first from emily wade thompson, brenda jackson and miss virginia marshal and then jake kosac and leona hunter, nathan
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apple and linda cook and you have two minutes each. >> good evening to president nkoyo iyamba and vice president fewer and carranza and all board members and all assembled. i stand proudly as the president of the san francisco alliance of black school educators to introduce you to two women who will enlighten you on the grass roots organization that are in commitment to the students of san francisco, but most importantly, supportive to our african american youth. first i would like to present, our vice president, virginia marshal, chair person, of the world reknowned african american honor roll. brenda jackson of the third, and musical and step
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competition. >> and school is in session, good evening. >> what is the news? i have good news to share. before i get to the good news, i just want to say to president norton and fewer and superintendent carranza and staff and the president of uesf and ladies ladies and gentlemen and our beloved ester. i have a special thank you for what happened next week. >> to the superintendent, commissioner you have been the best from the beginning maufus. thank you for the lease that you gave us last year and they have come back to join us this year and we cannot thank you
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enough. >> superintendent carranza, thank you for the things that have you done and spoke for us over and over again, we thank you for your support. superintendent, shorts, thank you to our print shop staff, thank you. what is the good news? 2013 is a great year for african americans, why is that >> because from january first, we celebrate the sign of the emancipation proclamation. why? because we celebrate the 50th anniversary on the march on washington for our people and dr. king's famous i have a dream speech. why is it important to us, because next wednesday at 6:00, at saint marry's cathedral, more than 1200 students of african american decent will be honored at our celebration. give that a hand.
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>> a couple of months ago, superintendent carranza joined us for the naac, p banquet, i know that will be warmly received by the african american community because he will be our guest speaker, give that a hand. the students will receive an incentive and the 4.0 students and will receive a certificate also a med dallon and will not go home hungry, once it is over we will go down stairs for a reception. the first three years were jones methodist and he is in the audience here tonight and just three short years. then the third baptist church for years our group. and this is our third year at saint mary's cathedral. i have a feeling that we are
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going to out grow, and where we will go from there, i do not know. i know with your help you will help us. we must raise about $10,000 to put forth this event and so we will take your donations the checks made to the black school educators and you can call us and we will give you the address of where to send your donations. we look forward to saying you next wednesday at saint mary's cathedral. [ applause ] >> school is still in session. mrs. virginia marshal. to the board members, proper protocol has been established, thank you, thank you, and thank you thank you thank you for being so supportive of the san francisco alliance of black school educators my name is brenda jackson and i am the chair person of the musical and this year we added on step
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contests. i was told that i was only given two minutes i will yield, i will yield the floor to mr. matthew garrett, who will come up and present his original poem to the board of education. and if you on february 23rd at thurgood marshal high school from grades k-12, please come out and support us. matthew? >> matthew one second. >> miss wilson i would like to give the student of not having a time limit, so if we can make sure that the timer does not interrupt him. >> my name is matthew garrett and i would like to say thank you for the board of education for letting me speak. my poem. my school is kip bay view academy. and the bay view district. and very glad to attend there.
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this is my poem. i am different. can you see me? can you hear me? do you know me? yes, i'm smart. a bright kid, they say. yes, i get good grades. yes, i dress well. yes, i am well mannered. but i am different. i'm different from what you see, i'm different from what you believe. oh, i know sometimes i can't sit still. i know sometimes i'm a little loud. i know sometimes i lose my temper, i know sometimes i forget to comb my hair or iron my clothes, but i am different. i am different from what you see, i am different from what you believe. no i may not be the best basketball player. so please, i do my best. i love sports, playing games on the wii. i like to read.
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i have a great imagination. but, i'm different. i'm different from what you see. i'm different from what you believe. they say i have add, or adhd. whatever that is. i know i'm not a very good listener. and i may not remember what you said the first time, i may not do what you asked me to do the first time. but i am different. i am different from what you see. i'm different from what you believe. i deserve to be loved, i deserved to be heard. i deserve to be represented and i deserve patience and the right to be me without a label. can you see me? can you hear me? do you know me? i am different. i'm different from what you see. i am different from what you believe. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> nicely done. nice to get a little poetry. >> next we have jake kosac, leona hunter, nathan apple and linda cook. >> i'm jake kosac from george washington high school and i guess that i want to continue what i started a month ago when i came here and ran out of time and i was talking about the ato
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g requirements and accountability as far as keeping the promises to the families, okay? what i didn't or what i wanted to continue, but i didn't have time was, for instance, the programs that are being put out now for credit recovery. all right? i mean i'm a counselor, i me this is my specialty. i know this stuff. what you have here is what the district put out in their evening school, classes in a million years i would not have say that is what they need. pe, okay, george washington high school, we have two kids in pe after school and we are holding a class with two students, career ed, we have three students and holding a class, we have teachers, okay? no chinese. and 7 kids in spanish. okay? if you would ask me, these were not the classes that we need.
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okay? so and then you gave the schools, for instance, you gave george washington in addition to $25,000, okay to create programs all the way in the end of january. you know? to do that, what i am trying to say is there is disorganization here. it is disjointed, there is no organization. coming from the high school, office, it is, the students need this, but the way that it is brought about, it is so, it is really tacky, you know? and the students are on top of it are not really getting what they need. why don't they have advanced algebra, why wasn't that offered? because they can take it in summer school. they need it now. they need other classes in the summer school. it is really the people making the decisions are just, you pay them a lot of money and i don't know what you are getting out of it. and i'm telling you, i'm with the students and then you sent, the office a letter to over 2,000 parents that their
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students are off track, their sons and daughters. you know what it was from the first semester. so all of these letters went out to parents from the first semester and a lot of that stuff was taken care of and so we were inundated with phone calls. is this the way to run it? just send 2,000 letters out to people? there is no coherent policy going on. i know that there is not, i am the one that is doing it. okay? and meanwhile the students really need other things and i can only talk about my experience. and it is my experience, and i'm speaking with my knowledge, which is i'm the one doing the stuff here. it is not a good way to do it and the students do need it. and i really wish that someone would have asked the people that really are in the front lines, you know? people making the decision and programs that are not in schools. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you, mr. kosac.
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>> is leona hunter here? >> okay. nathan apple? >> two minutes, mr. apple. >> okay, thank you. >> president, vice president, superintendent, board members, my name is nathan apple. i'm a native san franciscoan, i am a business owner, for 25 years in the bay view district. i'm a parent. i'm a taxpayer and i'm a voter. i'm here tonight to raise my concerns about a proposal that you have in front of you about
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creative arts charter school sharing a campus with gateway middle school. i don't think it is a good idea. i have two children in this school, one second grade daughter, and one fourth grade son. the thought of having 300 students, middle schoolers come to this campus, it is damn-near frightening for my daughter. i ask you to look at other alternatives. as a business owner, i manufacture and before that product leaves my shop i give it my stamp of approval. i ask you to do the same. whoever is giving you this advice, whether it is the staff
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members or paid consultants i ask you to go back to them and say is this the best that you can do? because it does not have my stamp of approval on it. and i think that you can do better. i don't think that it is a good mix. and i believe that there are alternatives out there. and you just need to look for them. thank you. >> okay, linda cook?
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good evening, everyone. hughes write, i too am america, i am the darker brother, please sebd send me to eat in the kitchen when the company comes and i laugh and eat well and grow strong, tomorrow i will be at the table when the company comes, no one will dare say to me eat in the kitchen, they will see how beautiful i am and be ashamed i too am america, in saying that has times changed any? the music program is gone, the arts program is gone, security is back, i hear. the custodian left and the counselors, the secretary and the teachers and abusive students. and which it has brought media attention, newspaper, you tube, it is all over you tube, i never thought that i would be on you tube. what more should the attitude, what mores that to be added to this list? why should the community have
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to suffer unprofessionalism knowing that this is not happening at other schools, and hoover, marina, san francisco this principal has hurt so many people, what will it take? has any one of you reached out to one person to find out how are they doing? one of you? have any of you thought about what has happened to 17 people verses your one principal? i don't get this picture. what has to happen? by the way, there is not much representation african representation inside the school so you guys are looking for jobs outside. what is wrong with the picture here? come on you guys, wake up. what is wrong with this picture? you give us two minutes to speak, and it is like, yeah you can speak for two minutes, but what happened? two minutes, that is it. what about the issues?
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>> what about the pain? what about the suffering freaked out and... >> there goes that bell again, is that me? my time is up again? two minutes? what is wrong with this picture. come on you guys, do something. thank you. >> okay. we are moving on now to item k, advisory committee reports and appointments. >> i am sorry, i explained at the beginning of the meeting that we will accept speaker cards before an item is called. and now we are now moving on to our next item in the meeting.
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>> dr. jackson, thank you very much. >> yes, i do know that you are dr. jackson. i am very sorry, but i did read out the rules at the beginning of the meeting and those are the rules. >> i am going to move on to our next item now. >> i am going to move on to the next item. >> okay. i am going to recess the meeting everybody. and when the public is calm again, we will resume.recess th regular board and convene as the financing corporation in order to handle the following action items. >> okay. so see pages 1 through 4 of the agenda. roll call? >> >> miss fewer? >> here.
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>> mr. haney? >> yeah. >> miss maufus. >> thank you. >> dr. murase? >> present. >> miss wynns. >> yes. >> miss norton? >> yes. >> thank you, miss kasko. mr. superintendent is there a staff report on the status of projects? >> there isn't. >> okay. thank you. now, would i like to hear a motion and a second on the approval of the prior meeting minutes of january of 2012. i so move. >> i second. >> thank you. >> roll call, vote. >> thank you. >> fewer? >> yes. >> mr. haney? >> yes. >> miss maufus? >> yes. >> miss


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